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My Weakness

December 11, 2011
So many choices!!
Green tea, Coconut and Guava!

No matter what the weather outside may look like, it is NEVER too cold for ice cream!  I am pretty much the frozen treat equivalent to the Cookie Monster.

To get my (almost daily) fix of the cold sweet stuff, I did a quick little search for places in LA that have different flavored mochi.  I found this place in Little Tokyo, as well as this sweet shop.  I only went to Mikawaya to start off mostly because I was familiar with their product (they sell at Trader Joe’s).  To my surprise I found not only did they have the regular flavors of mochi, but a whole array of flavors of mochilato (mochi with gelato instead of ice cream)!  Believe me, it was hard to keep my selections to a minimum, but mark my words, I will be back for more!  Try some for yourself!

Tanoshimu!  (Enjoy!)

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