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December 20, 2011

Me: “Kelli, I need coffee and food.”

Kelli: “Well, I just got coffee.”

Me: “Okay, well I’ll get coffee, then we go eat.  What do you have a taste for?”

Kelli: “Idk…”

Me: “Well think about it and be ready by the time I get my coffee.  If not, then we are on another mission…”

Tacos de Pollo
Tostada de Ceviche
Holiday Flavors
Hanukkah or Christmas? Both!
So Hard to Decide

So, I arrive to pick up my friend and she tells me she has been thinking about Gina’s tacos.  It was one of those things that best friends do every once in a while.  She clearly telepathically read my stomach mind.

When SoCalians (new word) think of tacos, it has nothing to do with ground meat or crunchy shells.  We like ’em “street style”: small, soft, corn tortilla filled with marinated meats of your choice, topped with onion and cilantro, and a side of limón and salsa.  Done.

Gina’s was introduced to me a few years ago by some of my co-workers one day during lunch.  I’ve been a faithful patron ever since.  I’m even on a first name basis with the staff there (as well as Foursquare mayor*).  My typical order, “Dos tacos de pollo y un jamaica para llevar, por favor.”  (Translation: two chicken tacos and a jamaica, no not the country, to-go.)  This time I was an extra fatty and added a tostada de ceviche.  Kelli had a carne asada quesadilla.  So yummy!

A mission isn’t a true mission if dessert isn’t involved.  So after walking off those tacos while doing a little shopping, we stopped in to Crumbs, a cupcake shop in Glendale, Ca.  Any place that causes me to stare in a daze for ten minutes trying to decide what I want clearly has too many delicious options.  This is a blessing and a curse!  After letting countless people ahead of us due to our indecisiveness, we walked out with one peanut-butter cup and one coffee toffee cupcake, and promises to return soon…

You should come with us!

*I should say “former” mayor.  Just got “outsted” yesterday… ugh

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