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Tamale 101

December 21, 2011

This past weekend, I learned to make tamales.  Na na na na na naaaaaa!

Regular Masa
Sweet Masa

Diesel does tricks for treats
Casper, the Friendly Chinchilla
Creepy Elves Hide in the Christmas Tree

Okay, so maybe you’re not jealous, but you should be.

It seems like every Christmas all the little tamale fairies come out from their hiding place to spread their yummy treasures to all the good little boys and girls.  I must have been a very bad girl though, because I never get any!  Until this year, when my tamale fairy-godmother bestowed upon me the fatty’s opportunity of a lifetime… a tamale-making party!  I about peed my high-waisted pants when my friend Michelle invited me to come over her place and learn how to create the one thing that I seemingly could never get my hands on no matter how hard I tried (and boy have I tried year after year).

The actual process was surprisingly simple and even easy; “spread, fill, wrap, fold” that’s it.  The real fun part though is getting to decide what goes inside the tamale.  Beef?  Chicken?  PINEAPPLE?!?!?!?!  We made all three!  All while listening to Christmas tunes and sipping on some siz-yurp sangria.  Those not into kitchen activities were decorating the Christmas tree.  It was a total cute moment.  Someone should have taken a picture…

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