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Because We Can

December 30, 2011

When you’re single, sometimes you just have to treat yourself.  That’s exactly what we did…

Downtown gals
Inevitable shoe pic
How can you say no to oysters on the half?!
Crabby Cakes
Which to choose?
Cute to-go box

Fancy dresses, fancy shoes, fancy food… well sort of.

My lovelies Shamika and Rohya, and I went out for a ladies night.  Just to make things more fun we decided to don some party dresses and heels (which I realized I need more of).  The initial plan was to have dinner at Bottega Louie in dtla.  However once we got there, and started playing with our phones we came across another restaurant that seemed to better fit our fancy (see what I did right there?).  So we toasted with a glass of moscato, grabbed a dainty dessert and trekked over to The Palm.  That’s right, we walked the streets of dtla in semi-formal attire just to go get some grub.

The Palm is known for it’s caricature clad walls of celebs and cartoon characters.  Now that I think about it, I should have taken a pic of the walls… oops.  I only recognized a few of the famous faces gracing the walls during our dinner.  Guess I need to step up my celeb game huh?

On to more important things, the food.  I shared the oysters with Rohya.  We did the same thing in Spain a couple years back… memories.  LoL  I tried horseradish for the first time also.  It was real serious in my mouth, not bad though.  For dinner I had the crab cakes with mango salsa which for me isn’t really a dinner, but I did get full.  I also appreciated the minimal bread in the cakes.  There is nothing worse than being served crab flavored bread and calling it a crab cake!

Our last stop was at the Silo vodka bar on 7th st.  I’m totally not a vodka person so I just went for moral support.  The bar does tastings upstairs in a freezer room.  We didn’t go in, but if vodka’s your thing it may be something worth trying out.  Rohya ordered the “Hot To Trotsky” (raspberry jalapeno) martini.  I took a taste and I do like the concept of a spicy drink.  Hopefully I’ll find something similar to it, sans the vodka though.

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