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Endless Hunger

January 5, 2012

B’s Hungry Face
Iced Chai
The Spread
Chicken Korma
Bengan Bhartha
Garlic Naan
All Gone

My shopping buddy Bianca and I went out to Third Street for some post-holiday shopping.  We checked out our favorite stores (UO, Zara, Mango…).  By the time we were done the inner fatty kicked in and it was time to eat!  We decided just to drive and see what looked good, to try something new.  The first place we drove by was closed, but we made a promise to try it again some other day (you’ll see).  We ended up in an area filled with Indian and Persian foods, so we both agreed that Indian would be the cuisine of choice.  Seriously, we tried about five spots before we found one place that was open, and looked good enough for our bellies.

We walked into a completely empty India’s Oven (which mad me really second guess our decision), but I was so hungry I let it slide.  Surprisingly the food was really good!  Probably the best Indian I’ve had (which doesn’t say much really.  I’ve only had it twice before, and ordered the typical tandori… boring).  The chicken korma (chicken with spices and yogurt) was suggested by the waiter, and it truly was delicious.  I’m not the biggest eggplant eater, but I really liked the bengan bhartha (roasted eggplant and tomatoes) as well.  As always, I had to get garlic naan… had to.  Our bellies were quite satisfied!

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