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January 17, 2012

A typical Friday night for my friends and I is dinner, maybe some dancing, tons of laughs, and…

The Mighty Melanin Girls

A Theme!

It has become common, almost required for us to dress up when we go out now. Not for any other reason than for fun.  I mean, anyone can strap on a pair of stilettos, and party dress and their sparkliest clutch.  It takes a “special” group of people to put on swimsuits over tights and tie a towel to their back and hit the streets though.

We went out to dinner in K-town at a restaurant called Road to Seoul.  Made it just in time to sit down before last call (which was great because we were starving and had just walked a mile to get there).  After grubbing, we galavanted a bit around downtown LA getting stopped by all kinds of people asking “where’s the party at?”  You can imagine the confusion on their faces when we replied, “what party?”

Going Green on the Metro

Patrolling the Subway

I Don’t Even Know

Being a Super Hero Isn’t as Easy as it Looks
Up Up and Away!
We’re Always Watching…

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