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Mission Cafesitas

January 19, 2012

Cafesita and I were on the hunt for a new coffee spot.  We finally decided to try Brū Coffeebar in Los Feliz.  It was pretty mellow inside, probably because it was a Saturday night and only the coolest of the cool go get coffee on Saturday nights.

Cafesita Welcomes You


Loft Upstairs


Ritual Behind the Counter


Patiently Waiting for my Latte


Macaroon for me, Bran Muffin for Cafesita. Lattes All Around


First Sip


Like a Warm Hug


Dunk, or no Dunk?




Curl up With a Good Latte and Just Be…


All Gone


We enjoyed our “coffee talk” at Brū very much.  Coffee adventures are always fun!  Where will we go next…?

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