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La Lluvia

January 21, 2012

Last night I was rocked to sleep by the sounds of California rain.  Being an adventure seeker, the only time I enjoy rain is when I’m home and in bed, so I didn’t mind the late night precipitation.

Hearing the rain reminded me of one of the best vacays I’ve ever had… Costa Rica 2011.  I went with two of my lovelies just at the start of their rainy season (early September).  It only rained for about an hour a day while we were there, but when it rained, it poured!  We escaped a near head-on collision in the rain, got stranded out on a waterfall hike in the craziest thunderstorm ever, and watched lightning from afar at a hot springs spa.  The rain here in Cali has yet to be that exciting.  Man, I miss Costa Rica!

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