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Bars in the Lake

January 23, 2012

Silverlake is a neighborhood just east of Hollyweird that is known for it’s hipsters, creative folk, and the famous Sunset Junction.  I have come to be quite fond of the many shops and restaurants/cafes of Silverlake over the past couple years or so.

Cafesita and I decided one night to galavant around and see where the night would take us.  We ended up in “The Lake”.

First stop, Tiki Ti

Tiki Ti is a tropical themed bar of tiny located right at the edge of Silverlake.  It is the only bar I know of that allows smoking inside (yuck), but their drinks are pretty gnarly.  The decor is a bunch of random trinkets and tons of license plates that are hung on the walls and the ceiling.  It gets packed pretty quickly so to avoid the wait outside come early.

View Behind the Bar



We Like to Share


Ladies Room


The Ua Booga. Order it and see what happens…


Once we left Tiki, we met up with a friend at the Thirsty Crow.  This was more of a dive bar.  I believe whisky is the premier alcohol there.  The ambiance was very dark with only a few lights and lit candles on the tables providing illumination.  The people there seemed to be very chill and laid back.  I didn’t drink anything there, just went along for the ride…

She’s a dark beer gal


Typical shot of me on the phone




Feel the love
Group Shoe Shot


Our final stop of the night (not a bar) was Garage Pizza.  By the time we left the Crow we were pretty starving.  I knew Garage would be open so I suggested we go there (working on graveyard you tend to become a late night food guru).  Garage is a pretty small spot with some signature pizzas and yummy bottle sodas.  I ordered a slice of the “White Boy” and an orange soda float.

Don’t be eyeballing my pizza!




Love my white boy


Is that an uzi on your neck?


Smooth Criminal

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