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Sunny Days

February 9, 2012

Days like today make me want to spend all my time outdoors.  80 degrees, bright sunshine, clear skies… ah!  I am drawn to the sun like a moth to a flame.  So when I finally got outside, I couldn’t decide where to go.  Beach?  Naw, too far.  Outdoor shopping?  Nope, don’t want to spend money.  Then I thought of good old Griffith Park.  It sounded nice, but what to do there?  Ah-ha!  The observatory of course!  The last time I was at the Griffith Park Observatory was mostly likely on some type of field trip.  The facility had been remodeled in 2006, and I had yet to see the new changes (as if I remembered what it looked like before).  So off I went to check it out…

Satellite Image of the Sun. Cool swirling from the solar flares.
Little Piece of the Moon

One of the Many Amazing Views

Photo Taken at Exactly 2:04
Constellation for Nerds
“Vintage” Shot

The views were some of the best I’ve seen in a long time.  It was clear enough to view out to the beach!

After I left the Observatory, my sunshine craving was still not yet satisfied.  I felt kind of bad leaving Flix at home alone so I decided to take her out with me.  We took a little walk through Brookside Park in Pasadena…

Happy Sunshine!

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