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A Lovely Day

February 15, 2012

I couldn’t help but notice that the entire week leading up to Valentine’s Day every cooking show (pretty much the only television I watch) had chocolate as a theme.  Normally I’m not phased by what is advertised to me on tv, but the chocolate hit a weak spot.
I mean I saw a s’more pie, chocolate lava cake, hot chocolate, the most fancy chocolate (and gold) sundae ever, and plenty more delectables that made me want to swan dive straight into the images on screen.  After watching all that yum, I was left with a craving and nothing to satisfy it.  Well, temporarily…

I decided to take chocolate matters into my own hands.  Thinking what would be the easiest way to have quick fix, I headed to my cabinets and found Abuelita Chocolate.  Bingo!



A couple days later (which happened to be Valentine’s Day) the little choco-gnome was still nagging me.  I’m sure it didn’t help that I was still watching everything cocoa on tv, but who cares.  I tried to fight it off, but that just wasn’t happening.  Finally I decided to do something about it again.  This time I was taking no prisoners.  I was going into… CHOCOLATE OVERLOAD!  I pulled out my chocolatiest arsenal, a chocolate chocolate-chip cake with a whipped chocolate topping.  Yes, it was THAT serious.


I could have stopped right here


One of the perks of having no children. The beaters are all mine!



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