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March 30, 2012

Disclaimer: Excuse my rants…

One of the most annoying things to me is when people think they know what’s going on in my life and try to give me advice for it.  I mean, they really think they are giving me wise words or helpful tips, when in actuality they are showing their ignorance.

Exhibit A:

A guy from work has been consistently commenting on my wardrobe and how “weird” I dress.

“Who wears yellow pants?” (I do).

“Those colors don’t match!”  (Duh, who says I have to match all the time?)

“You look like a boy.”  (Why thank you, androgyny is exactly what I was going for when I put on this blazer.  Jerk)

I mean, I could go on and on.  And all this is coming from someone who boasts about wearing Dickies and button downs every single day!

Exhibit B:

It’s been almost a year now since I’ve gone all natural as far as my hair (no heat, no chemical straighteners… nada).  Most people have embraced and complimented it, but not this guy…

“Going for the natural look?  You need to brush it.”

“You need to do something with your hair”

“I like long hair”  (Well how about you grow your hair as long as you want it then?!?!)

Did I mention he’s bald?  No?  Well, he’s bald.

Now if I weren’t as comfortable with myself as I am, this might have had some affect on me.  If anything, it’s just sad and annoying to hear someone with the fashion sense of an acorn tell me about how to dress and style myself.  If it’s that much of a problem to you don’t look at me… ever!  Oh, and get this!  He claims to do this so I have a better chance at catching a man, and that he feels bad for me.  Really?  Get over yourself guy!     If I wanted an overweight, balding, divorcee I’m sure I can find one on my own.  I definitely don’t need your help.  As a matter of fact, let me help you out with your attitude (let’s be real, you could use a shopping trip too) and maybe, just maybe you’ll become attractive to the opposite sex.

Yesterday I posted on my FB that I felt like wearing “fun socks” (pictured below).  Of course he couldn’t resist making some silly comment alluding to  how he had to call in sick just form the thought of seeing which socks I would wear.  I jokingly replied that he would love them, and went about my business as usual.  Your little comment isn’t going to stop fun sock day for me!


I digress.  Happy Friday y’all!

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