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Time Travel

May 21, 2012

Lovely wenches

Thine eyes doth not deceive…

This past weekend, the fair maidens and I went back a few years to made way for the 2012 Ren Fair, in Irwindale, CA.  Aye!

Gnarly Vikings

Damsel in distress

The Washing Wenches

Jousting Show

Uh, hair inspiration? LoL

A little leg never hurt

*Spoiler Alert* Our noble knight fell prisoner to the blade of his worthy opponent. Some strange sorcery brought him back to take this photo with us.


Sometimes, you don’t need words

One pint, and people get all crazy

One of those high class maidens

And the highlight of my day… purchasing my first cutlass! Avast!

I’ve always been a little curious about these Renaissance fairs, and I never thought anyone I knew would actually want to go.  I should have known better!  My lovely, Danielle actually invited ME to go (you can imagine the excitement in my heart).  We decided to go all out and do the costume thing, although costumes are definitely not required, just WAY more fun.

We came, we saw, we ate, we shooed off scoundrels trying to gander twixt our nethers… haha, just kidding.  We did have tons of fun, and even plan to return next year!

Anon, and good morrow!

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