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Chill Out, Man

July 6, 2014

Sometimes, LA can be too hot to function. Even for native Angelinos it causes an urge to search for some relief. In my opinion, the best way to cool off is from the inside out. Naturally that means finding something cold and tasty. While ice cream is my normal go-to, every now and then I want something a little lighter, but more than just a cold beverage. Something that’s just as fun as ice cream, but has its own lovable personality. Something Hawaiian. I’m talking shave ice from Brian’s!

With flavors straight from Hawaii, and real Dole Whip, Brian’s is a trip to the Aloha State without dealing with the mayhem at LAX (and it’s under $5). What’s even more fun is customizing! There’s fillings like mochi or your choice of ice cream, toppings such as a “snow cap” which is condensed milk, or Ghiradelli chocolate, and over 30 different flavors! With up to three flavors of your choice that’s enough to have a different shave ice every day for eleven years! (Ya, did the math. *nerd alert*)

After literally way too much time (I actually left for an hour and came back once I made my final strategic decision), I had a Dole Whip and mochi with lychee, blue Hawaii, and tiger’s blood with a snow cap in a purple flower cup by request. I left cool to the core with a very happy belly!

My buddy had taro (in the background) also delish!

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