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Twenty Quince

January 1, 2015

Well it’s a new year, and there’s so much to look forward to! Lots of exciting events this year for my family and friends that I can’t wait to experience. As I sit here, belly full of new year’s gumbo and peach cobbler, I can’t help but wonder what all this year has in store.
Instead of reflecting on the year, I’d like to just share how my year ended. I went out with a couple of friends and of course, we welcomed the new year in our own special way!
In honor of the year 2015 we decided to emphasize the latter half of our calendar year by wearing quinceañera dresses.


We kind of scored big time when we came upon a formal dress shop in dtla’s fashion district called Paris Connection. The owners, who are this really adorable married couple, we so kind to us, and totally set the tone for our NYE.  The lady told us that she likes to see her customers happy, and I completely believed her.

Our night started in downtown LA where we stopped for about one minute exactly in Grand Park. We ended up in the most random location (I don’t even know its name) for the countdown.



After a toast and a dance we took advantage of free public transportation and journeyed to Koreatown, to a little bar called Lock and Key.  It’s a speakeasy-type bar with a wall of doorknobs, and you have to guess which one leads to the inside.




On our way back home, we hadn’t realized that the free transportation had expired (it ended at 2 am).  When we came to the turnstile for the metro, I was walking full speed ahead, and then all of a sudden, WHACK!  I crashed into the turnstile and almost front-flipped over it.  To my advantage, I had an audience of about 12,000 (or 10) people and a couple of hysterically laughing friends.  None of which came to my aid, I might add.  But like a pro, I brushed it off and kept it moving.  We met a singing man on the subway platform that was drinking a can of Arizona tea that happened to match two of our dresses… photo-op!  The relatively long wait for the train was also the perfect time to get some more visual memories of our first hours in 2015.







Even though our night wasn’t extremely eventful or spectacular, I felt like it was just right to begin a new year.  I hope you’re ready to Eat.Go.Learn.Live through this year with me!



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