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30 Days of Coffee: Day 2

March 2, 2015

Day 2: Found Coffee

It’s always exciting to run into something new in the area.  Yesterday, as I was headed home, I drove past a quiet corner in Eagle Rock (North Eastern Los Angeles) and noticed a facade that wasn’t there before.  I could tell instantly that there was coffee inside though, and my heart went all aflutter.  I immediately bookmarked it on yelp.  (After safely pulling my car over and parking.  That’s what I’m supposed to say, right?)

Today, I experienced Found Coffee.  It happens to be their official opening day, so I had really good timing!  The space is still very new (they are still working out the credit card machine and eventually free wi-fi).  The decor was very simple and clean, with a mix of wood and metal furniture and lots of flowers!  The bright yellow La Marzocco espresso machine stands out on the counter as the focal point.  The entire front wall is made of windows that let in beautiful natural light.  It is destined to become a go-to study place for nearby Oxy students.


The coffee brewed here is from Demitasse, a well-known roaster here in LA.  The menu here at Found is very simple, only including the basics (no fancy syrup drinks with lavish garnishes).  They have a small pastry display with items from Créme Caramel, and a few retail items along the wall.


I ordered my usual coffee drink, a latte.  This is always what I order at a new coffee spot, unless they have a unique signature drink.  The barista carefully crafted a most delicious, beautiful latte with a dainty double tulip for me.  I’ve had so many lattes, but for some reason watching her make this one made me really happy.  It could have been the nearby tulips next to the la Marzocco, or the fact that she made a DOUBLE tulip.  Either way, I was excited to receive my beverage.


I’m happy to welcome Found to Eagle Rock.  It feels like such a void has been filled!


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