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30 Days of Coffee: Day 6

March 7, 2015

Day 6: Demitasse

I met “Demi” a few years back after a morning of dance classes.  I was walking around Little Tokyo, and saw a sandwich board that read, “Friends don’t let friends drink Starbucks”.  I chuckled, then I laughed out loud, then I took a picture and sent it to my best coffee friend, Cafesito.  Eventually I made it inside the coffee bar.  I was immediately enthralled by the “lab” feeling (I was a biology major), and had never seen a siphon in action before.
The small coffee bar does their own roasting in small batches, selecting in-season beans from different sources.  You can subscribe and get bi-weekly bags of beans sent to your home (free shipping)!  They even will do custom roasting.  Fancy that!

The space inside Demi is pretty small and intimate.  There is seating around the bar (to sit in awe at mighty siphons at work), and some comfy cushioned seats for small groups as well as a small patio outside.Their menu is pretty special.  Each barista at Demi has his or her own signature drink which can only be ordered when they are working.  A regular menu specialty is their lavender hot chocolate complete with a roasted marshmallow.  I still need to try that one, but every time I go the coffee gets me.

Demi to-go

Demi to-go


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