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30 Day of Coffee: Day 15

March 16, 2015

Day 15: Dinosaur Coffee

This little independent coffee shop in Silverlake is pretty new to the neighborhood.  In an area full of trendy coffee shops frequented by the hippest hipsters, Dinosaur Coffee is making quite a name for itself.  For starters, they brew Four Barrel Coffee (a San Francisco roasting company), and their decor is Jurassic themed.  Not something you come across in your typical cafe.

Even with it’s dino-theme going on, the decor at Dinosaur is very subtle.  The menu hangs on a wood fixture that is reminiscent of fossils.  The shelves on the wall look like layers of earth in which archaeological digs would occur.  The most literal aspect is definitely the t-rex holding a cup of coffee decal on the restroom door!

With plenty of seats and free WiFi, you’re sure to find tons of people working on homework, screenplays, and whatever else people do on their airbooks (I have no idea what they all do).  Nonetheless, come and enjoy a treasure in a cup!


I forgot to post this week’s coffee song, so here it is:

“Coffee” by a duo named Sylvan Esso.  Enjoy!

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