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30 Days of Coffee: Day 17

March 18, 2015

Day 17: Coffee Colab

When three coffee pros come together, only good things can happen.  This good thing is Coffee Colab, which as the name suggests is a collaboration of three LA coffee heads; The Humble Cup, Taza (featured here), and Suits and Knives.

This coffee shop is in a tiny space at the north end of Santee in dtla’s Fashion District.  They have teamed up with a few local roasters as well as featuring Suits and Knives for their brews.  They keep their menu to a bare minimum (a total of 9 drinks) but do each of them very well.  The baristas here are super cool and give you that local coffee shop feel that I love.  It’s kind of like the coffee version of Cheers.  Feel free to chat it up with any of them, and you’re in for good friendly convo.

All of the items that decorate this place are old, and/or vintage looking.  There’s a set of old books, a couple of singer sewing machines, and a old dresser with pistol accents.  There is a cozy window seat, a couple of bar stool chairs and more seating outside.  Lots of local artists’ work hangs from the walls, while music flows through the speakers.  It’s one of the most chill atmospheres I’ve seen for a coffee spot.  You won’t find too many people getting the screenplays done here, but contrarily they are more likely socializing with friends.  After all, isn’t that what coffee is all about?


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  1. soulandquill permalink

    Looks like an awesome place, would love to check it out!

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