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30 Days of Coffee: Day 19

March 20, 2015

Day 19: The Classic Coffee

Back in dtla, I visited The Classic Coffee after just roaming around one day.  It’s actually situated right across the street from Verve (see here) and about a block away from Coffee Colab (here) at the edge of the Fashion District.  Talk about a dilemma!  Well, at least there’s a great selection to choose from in this area.  Being the equal opportunist that I am, I like to rotate between them.

The coffee served here is from none other than Intelligentsia.  The drink to try (so I’ve heard) is the “Fashionista”.  It’s espresso with simple syrup and milk over ice.  They also have Juice Love available which I have yet to try.  A few pastries, and sandwiches to accompany your drinks can be purchased as well.  The baristas are sometime dressed in bow ties and suspenders which touches a special place in my heart… not really sure why, but I have a thing for both accessories.

Inside of Classic is a very open space with lots of natural light allowed by the floor to ceiling window on the south side of the building.  The opposite wall is covered in plants.  That’s right, they have a plant wall.  I actually love how it goes with the atmosphere there.  It’s a burst of color in a mostly white interior.  The large red disks on the north wall aren’t just art, they’re speakers!  The coffee bar is rather big compared to most other places I’ve been to, but there is bar seating along one side so it’s pretty functional.  There are tables spread out inside and outside.  In the back there is a kind of lounge area with bench seating around a coffee table, a couch, and steps adorned with pillows (and outlets so you can plug-in).  There’s also bar seating all around the huge windows so you can look out and people watch (which is great in dtla).  Overall a great space for coffee talk, work, or killing some time.


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