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30 Days of Coffee: Day 21

March 22, 2015

Day 21: Chimney Coffee House

Today’s coffee stop is located on the outskirts of Chinatown.  In a mostly industrial neighborhood, there is a small strip mall with a couple Thai restaurants and Chimney Coffee House.  The first thing I noticed (and was truly thankful for) was the ample FREE parking.  After being in LA for a while, you learn to appreciate the little things.  Once inside, things just got better.

The vibe inside of Chimney is a lot like something you would find in Koreatown without all the bustle (at least before 10 am).  A couple group-sized and a few two-person tables are all the seating available.  Popular music softly plays over the sound system, and there is almost an entire wall of windows letting in some of that California sun.  The coffee bar and main counter take up a lot of the space, but it’s still a very open area.  My favorite aspect was brick wall at the end of the cafe.

At Chimney, they bake all their pastries in-house.  Kudos to the pastry chef!  The selection is a pretty big one too: croissants, danishes, muffins, breads, and scones are all your for the taking and they all look delicious.  They also serve brick toast, which is a thick piece of toast filled and/or topped with ice cream, whipped cream, fruits, or just about any sweet you can think of.  Their food menu includes burgers, sandwiches (hot and cold) and salads. The coffee they brew here varies, but is carefully chosen.  They make everything from Bird Rock to Suites and Knives, and make it right, doing all their suppliers justice.  There is free WiFi so feel free to bring your laptop and get some work done while you’re here.  After all, with all the yummy options, you could be here for quite some time.

This week’s coffee song is, “Let’s Have Another Cup of Coffee” from the musical Face the Music.  It’s a reminder that even though things may be rough not to let it get you down.  Just have another cup of coffee!  Enjoy!

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  1. The photos of this coffee shop reminds me of a place I visited up in Seattle. I almost thought it was the same place until you mentioned LA. You make it sound enticing. I’ll definitely have to look for it when I visit LA sometime.

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