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30 Days of Coffee: Day 28

March 29, 2015

Day 28: Muddy Paw Coffee

Clearly, Silver Lake can’t get enough coffee. With coffee shops on almost every corner there is truly something for everyone, even for dogs!  Muddy Paw Coffee invites you and your fur babies to come and have some great coffee while helping other four-legged friends.  They are part of an East Coast Roasting company that added their LA location this past year.  The brilliant thing about Muddy Paw is that for every pound of coffee sold here (or online), they donate $0.50 to animal rescue organizations. How cool is that?!

Their roasting company, Port City Coffee Roasters, is located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. They roast in small batches that can then be shipped right to your home within 48 hours. You can also purchase a bag in the coffee shop, none of which is more than two weeks old.  You can even team up with Muddy Paw for your organization’s fundraiser by designing your own coffee blends and bag logo to sell.

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Twice a month there are adoption days that allow customers to come and potentially go home with a new family member!  If you’re looking to adopt a pet I highly recommend checking these events out. Even if you don’t find your new forever buddy here you still get some yummy coffee!  All of their events are posted on their Facebook page, here. They also have free jazz nights!  I can already tell this summer is going to be awesome!  So much good stuff is going on here!

I love these tshirts!

I love these t-shirts!

There is only an outside patio area for seating, but lots of places to sit down and it’s obviously dog-friendly. There are hooks along the wall in case you need to keep your babies close by (and without tying them to your table or chair, which I love. It’s the little things). There are a couple booths for seating as well and a fire pit. This place kind of feels like home already!


As we approach the end of this series, I’ve discovered that there is still so much to see and explore, not just in coffee, but in this city as a whole.  LA and the surrounding areas have so much to offer, when you think about it it gets pretty overwhelming!

With that said, here is the final coffee song of the week.  Hope you enjoy it!


“The Coffee Song” by Mr. Success (originally by Frank Sinatra)

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