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Try Something New (Again)

January 10, 2012

My brother and I went to see Fela in dtla.  It was a pretty nice show with a touching story behind it.  The music was awesome, and the set was full of colors and energy.  After the show we ate at Sugarfish on 7th St.  My bro said that this place had the freshest fish he had ever had outside of Japan.  So I was pretty excited to try it out.

Tuna Sashimi

Albacore, Salmon, Red Snapper

Yellowtail, Halibut, Albacore Belly

Toro Handroll
Blue Crab Handroll
Nozawa Shrimp
Bay Scallops
Yellow Tail Handroll
Blue Crab Cut Rolls

The menu is very simple.  Mostly nigiri sushi, a few hand and cut rolls and sashimi.  They also have a “trust me” option on the menu where you eat what the chef recommends.  Naturally we went for the “Nozawa”, the option with the most types of sushi (we were pretty famished).

After we ate everything in the Nozawa, our bellies desired more deliciousnes.  We ordered Nozawa shrimp, bay scallops, a yellow tail handroll and a blue crab cut roll.  Then my brother pulls something out of the dusty corners of his funny little hat by suggesting we get salmon eggs.

Now if you know me at all, I will spend minutes scraping off any type of fish eggs on my sushi.  The nerve of him!  Doesn’t he know who I am?!?!  Haha, very funny bro!  But he insists on ordering it.  So I say, “Fine, but that’s all yours.  I’m not touching it!”  When it gets to the table the little orange bubbles of grossness are totally turning me off.  “Go ahead, try one” he says…

Then I start to think about how much of a foodie punk I would be not to eat it.  It was kind of like my very own food challenge: “Shelya vs. Salmon Eggs”.  I think a little more… “Well he did turn me on to anchovies.  How much worse can this be?”  So, being the somewhat adventurous foodie that I am, I grab a roll with my chopsticks, demand he takes a photo (I couldn’t promise this would happen again), and then… CHOMP!


I start to chew and… it’s not gross!  I mean, it’s a little funky, but I’m not hating it.  Actually, the flavor of the eggs is extremely mild.  They just have a little burst with that first puncture.  LoL

So do I like salmon eggs now?  Well, that’s still undecided.  I would try them again just to be sure though.  Only now I’m super curious about caviar…

Empty Plates = Happy Bellies

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  1. Loved your “Fat Chat” and kudos to you for at least trying them. I mean what kind of self respecintg foodie would you be if you didn’t, right? Mos def try some caviar, but spring for the expensive stuff if you can. It makes a diff.

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