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January 29, 2012

Every feel just… blah?  Super yucky?  Like a blob?  Well I did a little while ago, and decided I needed to cut the crap and go raw for a bit.
I’ve gone raw before in the past and it helped my yucky go away.  It also left me energy-less and craving bread and coffee.  This time around I wasn’t as strict.  Coffee, was a must and I would eat a normal dinner.  This way I could still get my running in.  Not only that, but since I completed my raw week I’ve been keeping it up!  I did add peanut butter and yogurt to my fruits and veggies just to make them a little more appetizing though.
I’ve also discovered that honey tangerines are amazing.  I totally prefer tangerines over oranges anyday, and these honey-bits are killing it!  Seriously go get some!  Another big find was the whole foods pb… sick!  I know I’m so late on this.  I’ve seen the pb machines there since forever, I just never tried it.  Man I was missing out!
I think with my modified raw plan, I can make this an everyday thing… go me!
What about you?  Would you ever go raw?  What would be your staples?

Fruit Loot


Bloody Oranges


Banana chips… not exactly raw


Sunday Brunch

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