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The Best Part

July 9, 2014

Texture is a very important component of food. Just think, if oysters were crunchy, how many more people would eat them?

I’ve come to love all kinds of textures in food. Either that or I’ve been able to appreciate taste more and ignore textures. But there’s one that has become an absolute favorite of mine. Foamy!

I love how foam feels in my tongue. It’s light yet thick, and has thousands of tiny bubbles that fizzle and dance. I mostly get my foam fix in coffee drinks. I’ve had a couple fancy meals that feature a foam sauce of some sort, but a dry cappuccino is much cheaper and offers way more of the good stuff. My friends give me side eye for scraping the sides of my mug to savor every last tiny bubble. My coworkers thought I was weird, walking around shaking a mason jar with milk inside (a little trick I found here). But nothing makes my mouth happier than the weightless, airy sensation of foam. It’s the best part of any culinary delight!

20140709-045806-17886479.jpgDry cappuccino in the morning

20140709-045804-17884881.jpgFoam overflow in Yosemite

20140709-045807-17887798.jpgHomemade foam using the jar technique

20140709-053157-19917825.jpgCaught without a spoon!

Now if only someone can master cold foam for iced cappuccinos and lattes, it would be the perfect summer drink!

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