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30 Days of Coffee: Day 25

March 26, 2015

Day 25: Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Originally from Oregon, Stumptown brings its charm to LA in Downtown’s Art District. It’s the only California location so I am so great fun they chose to come here! The name comes from one of many nicknames for Portland, OR. When early residents had to cut down trees in order to clear land for building there were tree stumps left all over the city, hence “Stumptown”.

This coffee house doubles as a roasting facility. Every batch that is served or sold here has gone through their in-house roasting process. They obtain beans from multiple sources and aim to help sustain the lives and communities of the farmers that provide for them.

Their drinks are made by some of the best baristas around. From a pour over to the smoothest mocha, they know what they’re doing here. Stumptown even makes and bottles their own cold brew.  You’ve probably seen it in a number of grocery stores already. It’s just the thing to grab for on days like this (it’s currently a scorching 90 degrees outside)! They serve pastries made by Sugar Bloom (who seems to have LA’s coffee scene on lock).  They have some out of the norm items like their kimchi SPAM musubi croissant it the Elvis morning bun. Tasty looking little things, they are!

Inside there’s mostly the coffee bar and a bar table (no seats) along the front window. Outside there’s tables and chairs to catch some fresh air while you relax and savor your drinks. You can also sit inside and watch the roasting process when it’s running at the bar stools that face the window to the roasting room.  All around, Stumptown is a laid back place to start your day and/or refuel… PDX style.

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