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It Starts…

December 31, 2011

So it’s that time of year again where herds of people flock to little ‘ol Pasadena to ring in the new year.  They come to sleep outside in the cold, and wake up at ungodly hours to view mobile gardens along Colorado Blvd. (ya I don’t get it either, and I’ve actually done it a couple of times)!  Then all the collegiate pigskin fans mosey on down to the Rose Bowl for the traditional New Years Day bowl game.  I guess it makes me feel kind of special to have grown up in a city that is watched by millions on the first day of every year.  The tradition holds strong, and it’s actually pretty fun to go out and see all the out-of-towners (and maybe mess with them a little about their football team’s inferiority to USC.  Fight on!).

What most people don’t see is what happens all throughout November and December in preparation for this grand occasion.  A good portion of the parade floats are brought over to the Bowl for their final construction, tons of tents are set up on the grass field in front of the stadium, and rose posters are EVERYWHERE!  At the Rose Bowl Pavilion, volunteers can come and lend a hand to help create some of the floats.  If you ever decide to come out for New Year, this is definitely something to do with the kids.

I happened to get a few pics while out on one of my runs around the Rose Bowl, pre-New Year…

Stadium in the Distance

Vendor Tents Galore
More Tents
Floats are Inside! (Guess it was too early for the doors to be open though)
Couple of floats inside one of the tents

As for right now, I have no plans for NYE (which is pretty typical).  Hope whatever you all do, you have a blast and stay safe.

Happy New Year!

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