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Bay Adventures

July 23, 2012

Open up that Golden Gate!

We arrived in San Francisco on July 2.  This was my first time in the city, (I’d been in the bay area before, but never in SF).  First thing on our agenda was… GRUB!  Surprised?  You shouldn’t be.  We came across a little French/Creole brunch spot called Brenda’s French Soul Food.

They had a chalk board wall as their sign-in sheet.  I thought that was really cute.

Once we were seated, we each ordered a watermelon tea, and decided to share a flight of their beignets.  The tea tasted just like watermelon (not a good thing for me.  I was hoping it would taste more like tea, but how do you know unless you try?).  All of the beignets were pretty tasty, but my absolute fave was the crawfish beignet.  It was a tad spicy, but super delish!

Look at all the yummy inside!

For my brunch entree I had the sweet potato pancakes with a butter pecan syrup.  Ya, that just happened.

After all that grub, we had to work off some of those calories.  We drove over to San Francisco’s most recognizable landmark, the Golden Gate Bridge.  Once we found a parking spot (which took forever), we got out, took a few pics, and then hopped on our bikes to ride across.  The weather was almost perfect.  Sunny skies and no fog, but there was a bit of haze, and WIND!  My goodness, the wind was out in full affect that day!  That wasn’t going to stop us though…

Morton J. chilling on the bridge

Too much fun!

Later on, we still had the bike riding itch, so we visited Golden Gate Park to ride some more, and take in the scenery.  Why doesn’t LA have any parks even remotely close to this???

How pretty is that?!?!

Ride into the sun…

We had plans to go to Sushi House in Alameda for dinner, but it was getting late and my partner wanted to meet up with a friend for ice cream.  How could I turn down ice cream?!  So off we went, to Berkeley!

Rohya’s favorite ice cream place, Ici is where we were destined.  We picked up her friend, and then headed over.  There was a line out the door (always a good sign), and a little menu hung from a tree out front to help with the decision making process.

They allow you only three tastings before you pick which flavors you want.  I chose to try the chocolate-covered pink peppercorn, chocolate mint and toffee, and brown sugar graham cracker.  Finally went with the last two on my cone.

What a perfect way to end such an awesome day!  SF, got our trip off to a great start!

More to come…

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