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30 Days of Coffee: Day 18

March 20, 2015

Day 18: Alfred Coffee & Kitchen

Heading back to the west side (I consider anything past Hollywood the “west side” (many will beg to differ) for me is something that has to be planned.  It seems so far!  There is always some sort of consolation for my journey though.  First of all, the beach!  There is also a world of unexplored restaurants and shopping to submerge myself into.  There’s also great coffee outside of my “home base”.  Alfred is definitely included in that consolation.

They offer three locations to enjoy, two of them are extremely close to one another though.  Whichever one you end up at will give you a great experience though.  I went to probably the most frequented location on Melrose Pl.  It’s in kind of a fancy shopping area, but once you’re here you really feel like you’re just in your neighborhood coffee shop, with a bit of “chic” added.  The space is a small two-level cafe.  Upstairs has tables, bar stools along the walls, and a fireplace.  The walls are a mix of white tile and floral wallpaper.  The wall above the stairs that lead to the lower level displays their famous “But first, coffee” logo.  Downstairs is the coffee bar, and a few more tables.  The other Melrose Location (in the alley) is more of a walk-in coffee shop with a few bar seats and tables outside.

Alfred brews Stumptown coffee (spoileralert: more on that later).  They have all your favorite drinks: lattes, capps, americanos, gibraltars, drip…  What drew me here however, is their macchiato served in a chocolate coated cone!  They call it the “Alfred cup”.  I mean, really?!  Who can say no to that?  For the non-coffee drinkers there’s teas, and Pressed Juicery to sip on (good stuff)!  The Brentwood location even has kombucha on tap (because you know, LA).  If you’re hungry, you can order salads, sandwiches, and pastries provided by Farm Shop.  Yum!


Macchiato perfecto


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